Reusable Antibacterial Filter Mask


Protective Face Mask 

Marcus & Marcus Reusable Antibacterial Filter Mask is a protective mask designed specifically for your familys health.

Marcus & Marcus Reusable Antibacterial Filer Mask is tailor made for kids from 3 to 7 years old. Since the period of time to wear a mask would be quite long in a day, the material of the mask is extremely important.  Fabric would be a better choice for their delicate skin.  Marcus & Marcus mask is made of 3 layers with silver ion applies on the first and third layer so it filters out bacteria, dust and pollution. 

The ear loops of Marcus & Marcus mask are adjustable so they can fit perfectly and comfortably on each child.  With this benefit, the mask will not keep falling when they talk or being active.  Moreover, the mask is designed with a nose pad to ensure it is well covered on the face without a gap in between.

Marcus & Marcus mask is made with a 3 dimensional design which allows the mask to be further away from the mouth and an air zone is created.  That means, the child can breathe comfortably with the mask on.


  • Dust free
  • Triple layers
  • Protect from bacteria and virus
  • 3D cutting with air zone
  • 3D nose pad
  • Adjustable strap
  • No optical brighteners added

Cleaning and Care:

  • Wash thoroughly before initial use and after each use
  • Machine wash: Wash with laundry detergent in delicate program for 30 mins then let it dry
  • Hand wash: Soak the mask in 30°C water with soap or diluted laundry detergent for 3 mins, wash gently with clean water and rinse. Wring then let it dry
  • Can be tumble dry in low heat
  • Do not soak or wash the mask longer than the recommended time
  • Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or wash with water over 30°C
  • Recommend to replace the face mask after hand wash for 90 times or machine wash for 30 times to keep the best filtration performance


Product Size:

  • S: 78 (W) x 130 (H) mm
  • M: 85 (W) x 140 (H) mm


  • Outer Layer: 100% polyester spandex with Ag+
  • Microfiber Filter: 40% nylon, 60% polyester
  • Inner Layer: 60% modal, 20% cotton, 20% antibacterial yarn



from bacteria

Reusable Antibacterial Filter Mask will filter out bacteria, dust and pollution so you can rest easy knowing your child is inhaling clean air.

Triple layers

Our mask functions with moisture absorbing, water repellent and high filtration.



Hand wash for 90 times or machine wash for 30 times


When my son was starting kindergarten, i looked alllll over for the perfect thermos for him so i could pack him a warm lunch. I couldn’t find a good one anywhere. I ended up randomly finding these and decided to give it a try. And it was hands down the best purchase i made!!

MommyMandy, Linwood, NJ